About Alcopa

Alcopa is a family-owned company based in Belgium. Its origin dates back to 1937 when Albert Moorkens set up a company producing and distributing motorcycles.

Today, Alcopa employs over 2300 employees spread in more than 19 countries. It comprises more than 90 individual companies which realized a combined turnover of 1.703 Million euros in 2015.

Alcopa defined its mission as follow: “Alcopa is an investment tool resulting from a family desire to be part of the entrepreneurial landscape in order to offer goods and services useful to society.”

Alcopa comprises five Lines of Business (LOB) with different scope and geographical footprint.

Our Activities

Automotive import and distribution
Automotive retail
Mobile and leisure products distribution
Real estate
New development

Our values

Entrepreneurship is in Alcopa’s DNA. It determines its decentralised mode of operation, the spirit of men and women who work there and its culture of development.
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Performance is key to Alcopa’s development and goes hand in hand with ambitious income generation targets in order to finance growth, spread the feeling of security among employees, develop pride within managers and satisfaction with shareholders.
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Respect is a major component of the human dimension of our family group. It contributes in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners and shareholders.
Showing mutual respect is also the prerequisite for working better together.
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